CCTV Systems Cork

Hyland Security Systems are major installers of CCTV systems ranging from small domestic and commercial systems to much larger industrial installations.

Hyland Security are major Installers of CCTV.

  • Small domestic & commercial systems to larger industrial installations
  • The ideal CCTV system provides good quality images and gives excellent quality pictures in daylight & darkness.

The various different types of Cameras include:

  • Dome Cameras, Fixed Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Recorders, Monitors, Remote Viewing, IR Cameras, IP Cameras
  • A system can be designed by Hyland Security to suit all budgets & requirements.

The Advantages of CCTV include:

  • Deterrent against crime
  • Provide evidence
  • Monitoring of staff etc.
  • Reduce need for security personnel
  • Remote viewing of your CCTV system from online anywhere in the world